Ergonomic Mouse D2 – Corded

Our fountain pen-shaped computer mouse combines aesthetic design, functionality and ergonomics. It not only looks beautiful, but also works to alleviate symptoms of Repetitive Strain Injury associated with the use of a traditional computer mouse.

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  • Keeps hand in a natural hand position
  • Precision optics reduce repetitive movements and strain
  • Activates fingertips to fuel creativity

Systems Requirements

Windows XP or later
Mac OSX 10.1 or later
Most Linux/BSD

USB port


USB wire

DPI Settings

800, 1200, 2400


5 programmable buttons
Scroll wheel


Height: 140 mm
Base: 44.1 x 20 mm
Weight: 41 g including cable

Cable Length

1.6 m


2-year limited warranty

Package Contents

D2 mouse
Travel pouch
Quick guide


The perfect position

Penclic D2 ergonomic mouse creates a relaxed working position and fuels your creativity by activating the fingertips. By allowing your forearm to rest on the work surface it reduces RSI-causing bending and twisting often seen when using a traditional computer mouse.