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PC World

"Penclic KB3: one set of keys for all your devices. Switch seamlessly between Windows, MacOS, Android, and iOS with this attractive portable keyboard."

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Macworld USA

"Many portable keyboards are built with a result the can feel chintzy. The (KB3) is constructed with brushed aluminium which gives it a premium look and assures it won't weigh you down."

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"The concept of a pen-like mouse will appeal to those who suffer from, or are wary of falling prey to, RSI..."

Men's Health UK

"Improve your workspace with productivity improving fengshui."

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Men's Journal

"I can even begin to see the advantages of having a right-click option right under my thumb"

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Teen Vogue

"Give your wrist, hands, arms, and even shoulders and neck a break by using this ergonomically designed bluetooth mouse instead of the one built into your laptop."

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Macworld UK

"The best Mac mouse of 2018 list: We learnt to use the R3 just as quickly as any other mouse and found it impressively comfortable to use."

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"The Penclic Mouse B3 is one of the best ergonomic mice we've reviewed, with a comfortable pen grip and intuitive button layout."

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"Clad in aluminium, its compact layout means you shouldn’t need to stretch to hit the quiet-touch keys, while its Bluetooth 3.0 abilities will banish wires from your desk."

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The Inquirer

"...essentially a design classic."


"B3: Given that a handwriting position is something many users grew up with, Technology Tell says it's "a very natural thing" for your hands, one which Pure Overclock found "quite comfortable."

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" Swedish company Penclic employs Scandinavian design principles to improve the ergonomics and efficiency of our most commonly used computer accessories. "

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