Mechanical Keyboard MK1

Combining high-quality mechanical keys with an ergonomic “tenkeyless” design, this is a keyboard made to type fast. Really fast.

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  • Less ‘clicky’ Kailh Brown switches ideal for typing
  • Tenkeyless design for improved ergonomics

Type faster.

The mechanical keys provide excellent tactile feedback you can type faster and more accurately than on a normal keyboard.


Get more desk space.

Tenkeyless design keeps your arms in an ergonomic position as well as frees up your desk space.


The satisfaction of the 'click'.

Get the satisfaction of the tactile response and that “click’ without disturbing your colleagues.


Penclic Professional Typist MK1

Whether you are an engineer writing reports, journalist writing articles, or anyone else who uses a keyboard a lot, you require the best tool for the job.

The brown mechanical keys give a distinct tactile response while the subdued keystroke sound is also suitable for the office environment. At the end of the day you have more work done or had more time to think and play.