Mini Keyboard KB3 Pro – Black

Sleek design, full-size keys, premium anodized aluminium finish, rechargeable battery. 

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  • Connection via Bluetooth or wire USB
  • Average of 2 weeks per charge
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 
  • Works seamlessly across Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices  
  • Full-size keys
  • Lightweight & durable aluminium construction

Work efficiently and stay healthy

The premium scissor-switch keys are low profile, crisp and easy to trigger. This makes for a fast, effective and ergonomically correct movements while typing – regardless of where and when.


Reduce strain and bending

The low profile of the keyboard keeps your wrists as flat as possible helping to prevent and alleviate symptoms of RSI.


Prevent pain and fatigue

The tenkeyless design – meaning without a number pad – improves your working position by placing your elbows closer to you as you type.

Similarly it reduces the distance to the mouse eliminating unnecessary additional movement.


System Compatibility

Mac with OS X 10.1 or later*
Windows XP or later
Linux/BSD flavors
Apple TV software 5.2 or later

*Incompatible with some of Mac’s special function keys




340 g
12 oz
*Without USB charging cable


286 mm x 135.5 mm x 10.25 mm
11.26 in x 5.3 in x 0.4 in

Key Type



Anodized Aluminium case
ABS keys

Included in the Box

KB3 keyboard in selected color & language layout
Quick Guide
USB cable


Replaceable 250 mAh lithium battery
Lasts up to 2 weeks with moderate use

Functionality without sacrificing comfort for size

Penclic’s universal mini keyboard combines minimalist Scandinavian design, superior ergonomic elements and functionality without sacrificing comfort for size.  

The stylish KB3’s low profile, full-size and easy-to-trigger scissor-switch keys, counteract symptoms of RSI.