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Working from home?


A lot of people are working from home, and here are a few tips to stay productive and be healthy when you have a different working situation!

Tips to Work Better From Home

1. Get up and get dressed!

Start your day as usual if you were about to acutally go to work. Get dressed, eat breakfast and if possible go for a short walk. When you get home, start working and you wil lbe more productive and your mind will be set to work mode.

2. Make a plan for the day!

make a plan and make it realistic. Do a list of priorities and what to be done by the end of your day. It is easy to say yes to additional tasks, but don`t forget it is okay to say no or to add it to your list at the bottom. Don“t forget to take breaks and to eat lunch. Take advantage of the fact that you are working from home, and maybe get som air and go for a walk!

3. Talk to your colleagues!

It can be a bit lonely working from home so don`t forget to stay in touch with your colleagues. Call them and chat a lot so you feel included and part of a team, if you have one of course! Set up a video call so you can acutally see them in person even if you don`t have anything work related to go over.

4. Set up your workplace!

Set up your workplace at the best possible spot in your house. At best, change your workplace to stay healthy. Make sure you are not distracted of the TV or laundry that needs to be taken care of.

5. Have the right digital equipment!

To stay healthy you need the right digital peripherals. Our keyboards are both ergonomic and functional and will improve your working position!


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