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Are you a good colleague?


Do you think about the well-being of your colleagues often? Here are 4 tips you can do to raise the mood at work!  

1. Make sure you say good morning to everybody (or at least the ones close to your desk) so nobody feels excluded and it sets a nice mood from start!


2. Often, “nice colleagues” are high on the wish list of what is important for our job satisfaction so make sure you show your colleagues appreciation.


3. Learn something new about your colleagues by asking! Show them that you want to get to know them and they will feel more comfortable at work.


4. HAVE FUN!  Dare to be playful and have fun with your colleagues! Have lunch together, scedule team activities or bring chocolate on fridays! Having fun should never be underestimated – it is a very good basis for creativity and an excellent weapon against stress! What do you do to create a good atmosphere at work and what is important to you?


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