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Do you clean your keyboard often enough?


Dirty fingerprints, left-overs and coffee spills can turn the keyboard into a real germ bomb. Both mold and bacteria thrive so it is a must to clean it!      

How to clean your keyboard with 3 easy steps!



1. Disconnect the keyboard and turn it upside down. Vacuum and poke away debris and crumbs. You can also use a hair dryer, if you set it to cold air, and blow away debris.


2. If you have a can of compressed air duster, you can spray between the keys to remove the dirt that is stuck.


Finish by gently wiping the top of the keys with a slightly damp cloth. Use regular soap to your advantage, as stronger agents risk destroying your keyboard. Lightly dampen a cloth and wipe the keyboard.


Set up a weekly routine where you clean your keyboard often so you keep your working station clean and healthy!

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