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What is Ergonomics?


All our products are designed with sound ergonomic principles, are compatible with all operating systems and are not only functional, but also beautiful. But why is ergonomics so important?

1. Ergonomics is the study of a healthy and efficient workplace where you look after the health of your employees.

Your employer should make sure that your office is ergonomically set to counteract different health issues.

2. A safe environment is a productive environment!

Even if you work for a small or a large company, an ergonomic set up is crucial to your productivity.

3. Ergonomics counteracts stress!

Ergonomics not only increase comfort, but also reduce stress. Without ergonomics in the workplace, employees are likely to be in pain, get tired and may develop health-related problems.

4. Choose ergonomic equipment when you work!

By choosing a mouse and keyboard with ergonomic elements you drastically reduce the twisting and turning off the wrists and keep your body in a natural position.

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