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3 Ways To 'Think Spring' At Your Workplace


Think Spring at Work

The days are getting longer and spring is on the horizon. Now’s the time to brighten your office workspace and “think spring.”

Research has shown that springtime can make people feel better. It improves their mood, memory, and thought-process styles. Tapping into the spirit of spring can actually change the way people think and improve creativity. 

The experts at Penclic offer 3 ways you can bring spring into your office workspace.

Introduce Natural Light

Following the spring equinox, days begin to last longer and nights get shorter. A 2016 study showed the longer the sun was up, the less mental distress people experienced. The more you can do to introduce natural light to your workspace, the better.

It may be as simple as opening your curtains or raising the blinds. If you’re in an office space, creating an open work environment that allows natural light to travel throughout is helpful.

If you’re not near a window or it’s difficult to find natural light, there are other ways to increase the amount of brightness and light in your office area.

1 – Add mirrors to reflect the existing light and brighten your space

2 – Upgrade or integrate your desk light to improve ambient and corrective light

3 – Add an LED strip to your workspace for additional lighting

4 – Consider full-spectrum light bulbs which are designed to simulate daylight

You can also introduce natural light to your workday by spending time outside. Take your lunch outdoors or step away from your desk for your break. 


Add Spring Visuals To Your Computer Wallpaper


Spring is a time for flowers, greenery, and new life. Changing your computer wallpaper or background to feature spring-related images can boost your mood.

If you find images distracting, consider changing your background to a solid color in a springtime hue. 

Pantone’s official Color of 2022 is a festive periwinkle called “Very Peri” (Pantone 17-3938). Pastel colors can help brighten your workspace.

Or, perhaps you feel more comfortable with shades of green. The color green conjures images of the natural world including trees, grass, and forest. Green is seen as tranquil and soothing and the calming color may help with workplace anxiety, exhaustion or stress.


Treat Yourself To A New Keyboard With A Fun Color


New office supplies can spark joy at the workplace or your at-home office. Penclic’s selection of wireless and USB keyboard make great additions to any desk. 

Select a fun color like Glam Gold or Pretty In Pink to make your workspace really pop. Penclic’s sleek design, full-size keys, and premium anodized aluminum finish means their keyboards are one of the best ways to improve your desk area.

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