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Spring Desk Refresh


Refresh Your Desk

Spring has sprung! It gets you thinking of Spring cleaning but also refreshing things around your office or home office. Here are a few fun ideas and trends for your Spring desk refresh.

L-Shaped Desks

L-shaped desks are a big trend, especially in home offices. They give you more writing and storage space and they utilize the space in your room well. They come in both modern and rustic designs. We like this clean design from West Elm that comes in three colors. It’s an extra bonus when your desk has so much great storage space.

l-shaped desk trend


Modern Design

Clear clutter and bring in the simple clean lines of modern office design for this next trend. Use simple shelves to organize your office and bring in design elements with seating and decor. It’s all about simple lines with pops of color. Get some inspiration from this great article on

Modern Design Office with Modern Keyboards and Mice

Bring the Outdoors In

Plants are a huge trend, and not just for your office. With Spring in the air, why not bring some life into your working space with a plant or two? Some of the most popular plants are snake plants, succulents, calathea, fiddle leaf figs, and cactus. Click here for some tips for keeping your house plants (we mean OFFICE plants) healthy.

Fiddle Fig Plant for Your Office or Home Office

A Hardware Refresh

Whether you’ve decided to dual mount your monitors or simplify your hardware, a hardware refresh can be satisfying. But more importantly, it can be good for your health. An ergonomic keyboard can make all the difference in how you feel at the end of the day. Our keyboards are beautifully simple. So if you’re reviewing our trends listed here, Penclic keyboards fit in perfectly. They are compact, sleek, and modern, and will give your desk a fresh update for Spring (right next to your new fiddle leaf fig plant!) Learn more by visiting our keyboards category on

home office or office keyboard

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