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How Should I Clean My Keyboard?


How to Clean Your Keyboard (without harming your keyboard!)

With just a few steps you can clean your keyboard and keep it working to the best of its ability:

Step 1: Unplug your keyboard or shut off its Bluetooth wireless connection before you do anything to your keyboard.

Step 2. Penclic keyboards are small and compact and don’t leave a lot of room for crumbs or dust to get into the keyboard but some keyboards with large keys have quite a bit of space. Turn the keyboard over and tap the bottom of it to empty and loose crumbs or dust.

Step 3. Get a keyboard brush. A keyboard brush can loosen any dirt and grime and help you just sweep it away. Some keyboard brushes have a pick-style end that allows you to lightly scrape grime that is stuck on your keyboard. We recommend being very careful with this tool. It can be helpful but also cause damage to the surface of your keyboard. If you don’t feel like buying a separate tool, try a new, soft bristle toothbrush.

Step 4: Use canned air to dislodge debris. Be extra careful with this step. It is a great way to remove built-up crumbs and other nasty things in or on your keyboard, but there are rules to canned air. Canned air is flammable and can be dangerous. Don’t shake the can or use it around a flame. Make sure to follow the rules on the can and get familiar with what canned air is and how it works before using it. Don’t spray it too close to the keyboard.

Other things to try? Have you heard of cleaning gel? People use it to clean their cars and other electronics as well. This may be a helpful tool to get in between keys and get the junk out. We suggest a word of caution with this method as well. Make sure to read directions. While it goes without saying, always read the directions that come with your keyboard, mouse, and other office technology.

Penclic designs keyboards to be beautiful, but they aren’t just beautiful. They are functional. If you look at our keyboards you will notice that they are cleanly designed with very few gaps or spaces so if you are snacking while you work, it won’t be a big problem. Take a look at our keyboards and see for yourself. Visit our keyboard category by clicking here.

Take Care of Your Tech

Always clean and care for your office technology. It can last longer and it will work better. You’ll enjoy your workspace more if your tech is working with you and not against you. Make sure to check back to our blog from time to time for other helpful articles answering questions similar to “How do I clean my keyboard?” We’ll do our best to help you help your tech!



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