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Fun Ways to Use Your Number Pad


Fun Ways to Use a Number Pad

If you’ve been using a computer for a while, you know that there are plenty of keyboard shortcuts to make your life easier. Some of the most common ones, like ctrl+c and ctrl+v to copy and paste, are known to almost everyone. But there are so many different ways to use your keyboard that many people probably don’t think about. More specifically, there are specific ways your number pad can come in handy. Check out these unusual uses for your computer’s number pad: 

Skip through YouTube videos.

When you’re watching a YouTube video, you might want to skip to half-way through, or go back to the beginning easily. This is where your numpad comes in. While you are in YouTube, you can use the numbers to skip increments of 10% through the video. For example, pressing 5 will take you to 50% of the way through the video, 8 will take you to 80% of the way through the video, and 0 will take you back to the beginning. It can be a handy trick if you find yourself on YouTube often! 

Symbols and Accents.

The number pad can be used for a wide array of typing out unique symbols and letters with accents. With such an expansive list of combinations, the possibilities are endless! Here are some examples: 

Alt + 0169   =


Alt + 0176   =


Alt + 0188   =


Alt + 0189   =


Alt + 0190   =


Alt + 0209   =


Check out a full list here. They even have combinations for images, like emojis and music notes! 

Jump to open tabs (Chrome & Mozilla Firefox).

When you have multiple tabs open, an easy way to go from one tab to the next is to use your number pad. While in your Chrome or Firefox window, easily jump from one tab to another by pressing Ctrl (or command for Macs) and any number 1-9. 1 will bring to to the first tab, and 9 will bring you to the last tab. 

These are just a few fun ways to use your number pad! With a lightweight ergonomic design, our number pads are a great way to add that functionality and fun to your computer, whether you use it for work or play.

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