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What Can a Pen Mouse Actually Do?


What Can a Pen Mouse Do

The Penclic Mouse is an elegant, ergonomic alternative to the standard computer mouse. It is certainly different in both function and look from what most people are used to, so a question you may ask is “What can a pen mouse actually do?”

Does it work like a pen does, almost like a stylus? Unfortunately, no. The purpose of the Penclic mouse is not for writing or drawing, so don’t expect to launch your drawing career with this mouse. However, it does have some fantastic functions that a standard mouse, and even other pen mouses on the market do not offer.

Advantages of the Pen Mouse

Takes Up Less Space

Clutter in your workspace can be distracting. Having a smaller mouse to work with takes up less space than a standard mouse and makes your desk seem more spacious. Even another brand of pen mouse will likely have a charging dock or stand that will take up space.

hand with penclic pen mouse

Reduces Wrist Pain

The ergonomic design of the Penclic Mouse helps reduce the risk of Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). A standard mouse will force your wrist to bend in a way that can cause pain if used regularly over time. The Penclic Mouse keeps your arm at a more natural position and allows you to hold the pen at various angles. This ability to change angles can help reduce fatigue.

Stays Upright

Another pen mouse on the market might have some of the benefits that the Penclic mouse does, but most of them do require you to put the pen in a dock in between uses. Think about how many times you switch from mousing to typing, and docking and picking the pen back up could get tiresome real fast. Our pen mouse stays upright so the transition between using the mouse and keyboard is seamless and comfortable.

Explore the Penclic Advantage

Either read more about the Penclic Mouse or check out our Ambidextrous Mouse D3 and travel case to see the benefits for yourself!

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