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3 Ways to Make Your Work Space Feel Like Home


Making Your Work Space Feel Like Home

A boring and drab office space can kill creativity and productivity. An office space can either make a person feel sad or it can be an inviting space that you like to spend time in. Here is a good starting place if you are struggling to make your work space feel warm and inviting. 

1. Focus on ergonomics. 

Ergonomics can help make work more comfortable. Implementing ergonomics into your work area can also reduce the risk factors of MSDs and RSIs. Ergonomic focused products usually have a more chic and stylish feel to them as well. Here are some products that can help implement ergonomic solutions into your work space. 

-Mini wireless keyboard 

The low profile of the keyboard keeps your wrists as flat as possible helping to prevent and alleviate symptomsof RSI. 

penclic wireless keyboard

-The Penclic Mouse 

Compared to traditional computer mice which bend the wrist up and twist the forearm inward, our mouse keeps the arm in a natural position facing into the body without unnecessary twists and strain.

2. Bring in a personal touch. 

Plain beige walls that comes standard in offices do not inspire much creativity so make sure to bring in some colorful artful. Art in an office area has been shown to benefit employee well-being and performance.  Here are some art pieces that can help bring more color and liveliness to your workspace.

-Gold Fish Canvas Print 

The orange in the print can help those who look at it to feel more confidant and sociable. The blue/green in the print can evoke feelings of healing and trust.

-The Space Shuttle Canvas Print 

The yellow in this print can evoke feelings of happiness and cheer. The black in the picture can evoke feelings pf sophistication and security. 

3. Liven up the place with some greenery.

There has been quite a few studies that show that indoor plants can decrease stress levels in work environments. Plants inside an office can also improve air quality by removing harmful pollutants. Office plants also reduce levels. When plants are placed in areas with hard surfaces they will absorb noises that can be distracting to work. Here are some plants that would do great in your office. 


There are many different kinds of philodendrons so there is sure to be one that it is a good fit for you and your office. 


A plant native to Africa with flowers of varying colors. They can tolerate some of the lowest light conditions.

desk with a laptop and plant

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