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How to Maximize Your Desk Space


Maximize Your Desk Space

A cluttered desk never makes for a productive workday. If you are looking to clear off the clutter and make the most of your desk space, a good rule of thumb is to only leave real estate for items that you use throughout the day, every day. Other things can be stored in other ways. Take a look at these tips to help keep your desk clutter-free.

Monitor Stand

Not only does a monitor stand lift your monitor up to an ergonomic height so you can be more comfortable, it also provides more space on your desk. You can find simple monitor stands that have open space underneath, perfect for storing a keyboard, notebook, or planner. Other stands have extra storage for easy each of smaller supplies, like pens, post-its, etc. 

Under desk storage

Always take advantage of the space under your desk. If you are someone who keeps a lot of paperwork around, a small filing cabinet or even a set of shelves will do wonders for your desk space. It’s a great place to keep things that you need to keep nearby, but you don’t necessarily need throughout the day. 

Utilize Wall Space

Wall space is often forgotten in offices. Yes, it is a nice place to hang art and make the room more inviting, but there are ways use walls for both looks and function. Cork boards are customizable and are perfect for people who need lists and other paperwork in front of them, but don’t necessarily want it all over their desk. Peg boards allow you to get creative and hang both decorative and organizational pieces. 

Wire Control

Wires don’t take up a lot of space on your desk, but it’s amazing what getting them out of the way can do. Try bundling them with zip ties or velcro, or even replacing wired devices with wireless. You’ll definitely notice a decrease in clutter. 

Mini Keyboard

A mini keyboard is a great option for people who have limited space. Penclic offers a variety of both corded and wireless mini keyboards in different colors that will match the style of your office. Our keyboards put your arms and neck in a more natural position so you can be more comfortable in your space while making more room on your desk. 

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