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Why a Desk Pad is Smart Choice


Desk Pads Can Make Your Life Easier

When you picture your work desk, what comes to mind? Your computer with a keyboard and mouse. Perhaps a work phone and a couple of photos or knick knacks. And of course, the old standby, the mousepad, often splayed out at a not terribly ergonomic or aesthetically pleasing angle. There is a better way, however: a desk pad.

The Penclic Desk Pad comes in two different sizes — XL and XXL — as well as two different colors — Blue and Grey.

There are many reasons why a desk pad is a good choice for your office or home office:

1. Desk pads provide protection for the desk

Greg and Blue Penclic Deskpads Large SizeFrom you keyboard to your mouse to your coffee cup, there are plenty of items that might get moved around on your desk over the course of a day. All of this leads to wear and tear on the desk itself.

A mouse pad can protect against scratches or other wear caused by the mouse, but what about the other items?

If you buy a large desk pad, it will provide cushioning for other items as well, keeping them from producing a wear pattern on your desk.

2. Desk Pads Can Make a Desk More Aesthetically Pleasing

The focal point of most desks is going to be the area where the computer and the keyboard are, both for you and anyone who sees your desk. The problem is, without something to draw the eye, even a tidy desk can look, at best, kind of drab. Even with an attractive mouse pad, it will always be off-center.

The desk pad creates a clean, clearly defined central focus for the desk, often with a little splash of color as well. This draws the eye and can make a desk look less cluttered or haphazard.

3. No Need for an Additional Mouse Pad

corner of gray/grey deskpadMost desk pads, especially large ones, leave enough space for a portion of the pad to be used as a mousepad.

This is good for both ergonomics and convenience

That is because it keeps the mouse usage directly in front of you, right next to the keyboard. That means less pronation, reaching for a mouse that is set off at an angle because of the shape of the mousepad or because it got shifted in the course of normal office work. It also makes for an easier transition between the keyboard and the mouse, having one right next to the other, especially if you use a mini-keyboard.

Having a large and functional mouse pad can help boost productivity by not having to worry about sliding off the functional mouse pad.

4. Desk Pads Can Improve Mouse Function

Mousepads serve a number of functions that a desk pad can mimic or improve upon. They protect the desk and provide a smooth surface to use the mouse on.

There is one other purpose that many might not be aware of, though.

Just like a mousepad, the desk pad helps the mouse actually function.

While laser mice are slightly better, most optical mice struggle with glass or heavily lacquered surfaces.

This means that even if you don’t like the look of having a mousepad on your desk, just getting rid of it might not be an option.

A desk pad can give all of the functionality with a much cleaner look.

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