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3 Ways to Boost Productivity


Ways to Boost Your Productivity

Winter is approaching and we can all feel it coming. Winter is a great time to get cozy and spend time curled up with a nice book but it is not a great time for productivity. When it starts getting dark so early all anyone wants to do is lay in bed and relax. Unfortunately when you work a 9-5, five days a week laying in bed all day really is not an option. We all need ways to help boost our productivity. Here we have three of the best ways to help boost your productivity this winter.

Be Social. 

When you are happy you tend to be more productive. If your entire day is spent sitting at your desk alone you will mostly likely fill anti-social and then probably sad. To counter this, ask some coworkers to go out to eat or to sit together in the break room. By breaking your day up into segments of 4 hours with the hour of social time in the middle you might be in a better mood. Like mentioned in the beginning when you are happy your work shows it by your increased productivity.

Use an Ergonomic Mouse Pen.

Penclic Ambidextrous Mouse D3 creates a relaxed working posture to secure your strength. It allows your forearm rests on the work surface. You can move the mouse cursor all over the computer screen quickly and effectively. Ambidextrous Mouse D3 counteracts static tensions in your arms, shoulders and neck. By using a mouse pen that helps to reduce pain and strain you will be more willing to keep working because you are not in pain and then in turn you are more productive.

Pay Attention to the Weather Report. 

Waking up to weather that was not expected is a sure way to throw off your day from the get-go. If you don’t know that a big snow storm is going to hit in the middle of the night you may wake up and end up being late to work. If you know what the weather has in store for the next day you can mentally prepare for what time you are going to be waking up. Knowing these things can prevent you from being late to work and becoming overwhelmed and frazzled before the day even starts. Being able to get to work on time without the added stress of the weather you are able to be more productive during your whole day.

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