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Your New Office Keyboard: C3 Mini Keyboard


Make the C3 Mini Keyboard Your New Office Keyboard

We all know that having the right keyboard can make your break the quality of your work day. If you have a faulty keyboard you end up spending your day trying to get the right keys to work or connect it your computer. When you have a clunky keyboard your work day ends up wrapped up in finding the best place on your desk for it and moving everything else around to make more room. Once you find the right keyboard your work day flys by seamlessly without giving another thought about your keyboard.

Your keyboard worries are about to be a thing of the past. Once you get your hands on the C3 Office – Mini Keyboard you won’t think twice about your keyboard ever again. Your work day will fly by with ease while you type away. There are so many benefits to this keyboard but our favorites just happen to be the ergonomic design and the three USB ports at the top of the keyboard.

Ergonomic Design & USB Ports

One of the great benefits of this keyboard is sleek ergonomic design. By definition ergonomic is “relating to the design of furniture or equipment which makes it comfortable and effective for people who use it”. This keyboard was designed with short and long term comfort in mind. In the short term it lessens the stress and tension you will feel in your arms and wrists. The long term benefits of using the C3 Office – Mini Keyboard is the lower chance of getting a repetitive strain injury (RSI).

Finally, the three USB ports located at the top of the keyboard provide easy access to plugging in other gadgets you may use at your desk or wherever you do your work at. Too often people are running out of USB ports for electronics that are used during the day that are necessary to complete the tasks at hand.

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