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The Best Ways to Beat Winter Fatigue


Winter is officially here for the northern hemisphere and with that comes low energy. It’s dark when you get to work and when you head home for the day so not the best combination for keeping your energy up. Unfortunately work doesn’t stop when winter arrives so having a few ways to combat feeling low energy is a must.

Three Ways to Beat Winter Fatigue

1. Take a Vitamin D Supplement

Most people get the majority of their vitamin D from the sun but when it gets dark so early people don’t have that option if they work during the day. People who work a traditional 9 AM – 5 PM are not given the opportunity to expose themselves to the sunlight during the day. When people do not have time to be exposed to sunlight they aren’t able to soak up the necessary amount of vitamin D.  We of course recommend consulting with your doctor about whether or not a daily supplement is the best option for you.

2. Get Some New Office Gear

Your everyday boring workspace won’t give you any new energy or a boost of creativity. However, if you were to get a new piece of technology in your workspace it may help to boost your productivity. We recommend investing in the Ambidextrous Mouse D3 – Corded. This new mouse at your desk will reinvent the way you do work all while helping to reduce your risk of an repetitive strain injury.

3. Keep an Exercise Routine

When it is so cold and dark outside it can feel like a struggle to make sure you are getting yourself exercise. This is a struggle that most people face in the winter but it is important to keep yourself in a routine to keep yourself from feeling so low energy. When a person exercises, according to the Greater Good Magazine, “you provide a low-dose jolt to the brain’s reward centers—the system of the brain that helps you anticipate pleasure, feel motivated, and maintain hope.” . Pleasure, motivation, and hope are all things that can help boost your energy in the winter.

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