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Why it is Important to Personalize Your Desk Space


Advantages of Personalizing Your Desk Space

Whether you work from home or travel into an office for work, studies have shown that employees that are permitted to personalize their work space suffer from less work related stress. At Penclic the computer peripherals we create are one of several ways to keep the negative effects of work in front of a computer to a minimum. We want our products to be functional and beautiful-and we want them to help give your personal work space the look and feel that makes you comfortable and happy. Here are some tips to help you personalize your desk space so it functions well for you, and makes you smile at the same time.

Personalize your desk space with our Mini wireless keyboard in glam gold.

Get Organized, Stay Organized

Part of a comfortable and functional work space is keeping it neat and tidy. Creating a system that keeps you clutter free, and your work documents and papers organized will help reduce stress and will help increase your productivity. This can also include computer accessories such as a large mouse pad such as the DeskPad M4 XXL from Penclic. Large desk pads can help you maintain a clean desk, and add a level of personalization at the same time. You can choose from different colors (blue or grey) that suit your style too!

Keep the Light in Your Life

A well lit work area will help you maintain a positive mood. Natural light is a huge plus. If you are not in an area where natural light is abundant, make sure that your desk has ample lighting to help keep you feeling positive. The additional of some greenery, live plants or even artificial plants can add even more life to your space.
Personalize your desk space with our DeskPad in blue. A large mouse pad that protects your desk.

Minimalistic Is a Good Thing

While you personalize your desk space, keep in mind that the old phrase “Less is more” can really ring true in this case! While it is recommended to have some photos of family or friends, or mementoes that make you happy, remember that clutter can really bring you down, and your productivity along with it. Do decorate with colors that make you happy! You can choose computer accessories and keyboards from Penclic such as a the Mini Wireless Keyboard KB3 in Glam Gold or Pink. These keyboards features include:

  • Connection via Bluetooth or wire USB
  • Average of 2 weeks per charge
  • Rechargeable lithium-polymer battery 
  • Works seamlessly across Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android devices  
  • Full-size keys
  • Lightweight & durable aluminum construction
  • Sleek design that lends well to a minimalistic work space

Summing up, to keep you happy and productive, personalize your desk space to make it your own. Keep things organized, well lit, and clutter free! Penclic is here to provide you the computer accessories, keyboards, mice, and number pads to keep your space functional and beautiful while helping keep a smile on your face for the whole work day. Learn more about our products here.

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