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Reasons to Get an External Keyboard for Your Laptop


Type Easier with an External Keyboard

Laptop computers are great for portability. Depending on the user, however, they aren’t always great for functionality, especially if the person is more used to a desktop computer. In those cases, it is often best to make the laptop mimic the ease of use of a laptop, adding a larger monitor, an actual mouse and an external keyboard.

3 Advantages of External Keyboards

1. Choose Your Typing Feel

Laptop keyboards have rarely been lauded for their typing feel. For anyone used to a mechanical keyboard or at least one with a bit more tactile feedback, typing on a laptop computer can slow down your typing speed and increase the number of mistakes because it is more difficult to feel when a key has been properly struck.

By getting an external keyboard, you can choose the typing feel that best suits you. You want a full-on click-clack mechanical keyboard? Go get one. Want something in the middle? Have at it.

The key is you get to pick rather than ending up with a keyboard because it was easy to manufacture as part of a laptop.

2. Choose Your Own Desk Setup

One of the largest advantages to having external devices for your laptop, especially in a work setting, is being able to better customize your workspace. With a laptop, because it is all-in-one, you are stuck with the same configuration.

Does the height at which you can best read the monitor not match the height that makes it easiest for you to type or use the track pad? Too Bad.

With external devices, you can have the monitor the height that is best for both functionality and ergonomics while having the keyboard in a location where it is easy for you to type.

Having a separate keyboard (and likely monitor and mouse) will take up more desk space, but as long as you aren’t terribly cramped for space, it will also allow you to use the space more productively.

3. Protect Your Laptop From Wear and Tear

Keyboards can take some wear and tear, especially if you are doing a lot of typing. For average users, many laptop keyboards will begin to lose effectiveness between 3-6 years. For heavy users, that timeframe narrows.

Beyond even typing itself, you also have the wear and tear associated with being front and center on a desk, including possible food and drink spills.

External keyboards are generally a bit sturdier (this goes doubly if you choose a mechanical keyboard). If one does break, however, you can replace them without replacing the computer itself.

Considerations When Choosing an External Keyboard

What Feels Right to You?

As mentioned earlier, for many people there is a minimum level of tactility that allows them to type at their best.

If this means you prefer a mechanical keyboard, go ahead. If you prefer the feel of a standard mini-keyboard, that is the way to go. It depends what is right for you.
Penclic keyboard in commuter bag

Does it Need to Be Portable?

If you want to be able to use your keyboard anywhere you use your laptop, and that extends beyond your home or office, chances are you need a keyboard that is easily transportable.

Basically, it is preferable that it doesn’t take up more space in your laptop bag than the laptop itself.

Mini-keyboards are ideal if portability is one of your main concerns, with the added bonus that their smaller profile allows greater flexibility in more cramped conditions.

If you need it to be portable, you probably also would be best using a keyboard that has wireless capabilities so you don’t have to travel with an extra cord.

What Features Would You Find Useful?

While most look similar, give or take the number pad, certain keyboards have features that different users could find beneficial.

For instance, some of Penclic’s keyboards come with additional USB ports.

Searching for an External Keyboard? Check Out Penclic’s Selection

Penclic has a wide selection of external keyboard options to choose from. We have mini keyboards and mechanical keyboards, wired keyboard and wireless keyboards (along with some that can be either).

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