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Finding Workspace Inspiration Online


Where to Find Workspace Inspiration

Decorative desks and workspaces are taking the social media world by storm. With hashtags like #deskinspiration, #deskaesthetic, and #desksetup, users worldwide are sharing glimpses of their desk areas.

The images are a curated collection of tidy desk areas, color-coordinated office supplies, houseplants, soft lighting, and aspirational workspaces designed to inspire creativity. 

The hashtag #studygram alone has 13.9 million Instagram posts while similar content on Pinterest and TikTok has been viewed by millions.

At the centerpiece of these displays are keyboards, often in stylish colors like Penclic’s Pretty Pink or Glam Gold.

No one wants a boring workspace, and with an increasing number of professionals and students working from home, the opportunities to personalize are endless.

Penclic products are beautiful and functional


At Penclic, we know even though the decor may be elevated, the workspace must remain functional. That’s why all Penclic products are designed with sound ergonomic principles. Our keyboards and mice are designed to be both functional and beautiful.

For example, the unique shape of the Penclic Mouse takes less space than a traditional mouse, keeping your desk neater and more spacious while also being designed to reduce and prevent repetitive strain injury.

At Penclic, we believe good design means beauty inside and out, and our Scandinavian heritage means our stylish keyboards, mice, and accessories are perfect for your next #scandinaviandesign post.

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