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Mechanical Keyboards: 5 Reasons One May Be Right For You


Why a Mechanical Keyboard Might be Right For You

Finding the perfect keyboard for your typing style can at times be a hard decision. You may have found the perfect fit on the first keyboard you tried, or on the other hand, you may be going through different kinds left and right trying to find the style and comfort that is just right for you. If you have not considered the mechanical keyboard, you may be missing out on these five things that make it ideal for you.

1. Mechanical Keyboards are Less “Mushy”

Common keyboards can be uncomfortable to people who find that the rubber membrane under each key leaves a “mushy” feeling when you type. Unlike standard keyboards, mechanical keyboards have a switch under each key, so as the key is pressed, it gives you a much less soft feel which is preferable to many.

2. A More Accurate Typing Experience

As a direct result of the keys being less mushy, you can expect that your typing results tend to be more accurate. Due to being able to feel each and every keystroke, your outcome will be more precise, giving you great results the first time!

3. Long Lasting Sturdy Build

Since mechanical keyboards have switches under each key instead of rubber membranes, you can be assured that your mechanical keyboard will stand the test of time. You will get more keypresses and the switches almost always last a very long time, giving you a new keyboard feel for the long haul.

Mechanical Keyboard MK1

4. Maintenance is a Snap

No matter what we do, any keyboard we use is prone to dust, dirt, and spills. It is the nature of working and playing on them frequently. Because you can remove, clean, and re-attach the keys easily, this makes mechanical keyboards easy to clean and maintain.

5. You Will Be Able to Type Fast … Real Fast! 

Because of the audible click of each keystroke, coupled with the ease with which you can lightly hit the keys with your fingertips, you will find that not only will your typing be accurate, it will also be fast…real fast! Overall your typing experience with a mechanical keyword will rapid, accurate, and light.  

If All This Sounds Good, the Penclic Mechanical Keyboard MK1 Will Be a Perfect Fit

If all these benefits make up the keyboard that is just right for you, then you will love the Penclic Mechanical Keyboard MK1. In addition to the above listed benefits, it also features a tenkeyless design for improved ergonomics that will give you the best overall experience that a mechanical keyboard has to offer. To get yours today, click here, or contact us with any questions that you have!

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