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Why You Might Want to Try a Mini Keyboard


Ergonomic Advantages of a Mini Keyboard

Every keyboard is not going to work for everyone in every situation. A standard keyboard is great for people with a wide frame who regularly use a numeric 10-key pad. But what if you don’t have a wide frame? The width of a standard keyboard might not be working for you ergonomically. This is why some people opt for a mini keyboard. 

Mini Keyboards Lessen Reaching For the Mouse

Mini keyboards have full size keys, but are more compact. This allows you to keep your mouse closer to your body, eliminating the need to reach for it. While reaching for a mouse might seem like a small movement, when you do it day after day, it can put a strain on the muscles in your shoulder. The position your body is in when you use a mini keyboard is more neutral for your forearm, upper arm, and neck. Your joints and related tissue can relax, making you more comfortable throughout the day. 

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Penclic Mini Keyboard’s Low Profile Keeps Your Wrists Flat

The scissor-switch keys used by the Penclic KB3 Keyboard allow it to have a very low profile. That allows a second ergonomic advantage. Your wrists won’t need to flex upwards as far while typing, limiting the strain that can lead to repetitive strain injuries.

In addition to being good for your body, a mini keyboard is also easy to transport. It can fit more easily into bags and computer cases and is ideal for laptop users that travel with their computers. 

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