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Three Reasons to Switch to a Mini Keyboard


Why You Should Switch to a Mini Keyboard

When you imagine your workspace, what has the biggest footprint on your desk?

Your monitor? If you are using a wide screen, perhaps.

That unruly stack of papers in the corner? For some people, definitely.

However if you are using a full-size keyboard, chances are it is right up there. There is an alternative, however. Increasingly popular, the mini keyboard offers plenty of advantages, especially for those who work on the go or rarely use the numpad. Here are three:

1. Mini Keyboards are Better Ergonomically

For many people, especially those with narrow shoulders, smaller equipment poses decided ergonomic advantages. That is because when it comes to office ergonomics reaching is often the enemy.

If you are using a mouse, chances are you have it positioned directly next to your keyboard. If you have a standard keyboard, however, that still leaves a fair amount of space between where your hands naturally rest and where the mouse is. This increases the need to move your shoulder out of an ergonomically correct, “neutral” position in order to reach for and manipulate the mouse.

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2. Mini Keyboards are More Portable

If you are working on the go, all of your equipment must be easy to pack up and have a low profile. That description does not fit your standard keyboard. They tend to be bulky and can be 50% longer than some laptops.

By removing the number keypad and other buttons that typically populate the right hand side of most keyboards, mini keyboards are substantially smaller and easier to store in a bag or backpack so you always have your equipment with you, wherever the work day takes you.

Penclic’s premium scissor-switch keys also make it thinner than your average keyboard, further decreasing storage space.

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3. Mini Keyboards are More Adaptable to Different Workspaces

If you have a large desk you always work from with plenty of space for your computer set-up, the logistics of finding room for your keyboard probably isn’t a concern.

For everyone else, though, the smaller mini keyboard allows you to adapt to a variety of different workspaces without worrying that the width of your keyboard will be a headache. This is especially true if you work on the go and aren’t sure what your work space will look like on every given day. When you are looking for adaptability, size can be the enemy. The smaller profile also can help make setting up and packing up easier.

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Turn to Penclic For Your New Mini Keyboard

Penclic’s mini keyboards come both in a variety of colors as well as in both corded and wireless varieties. Browse our selection of keyboards to find the one that is right for you.

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