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Workspace Must Haves


Products to Make Your Workplace Happier and More Productive

The workday can be completely ruined if you start it out on a bad note. Days can become sour very quickly when you realize you are missing an essential item that helps the day progress with ease. Here is our list of workspace must haves to help your workday be more enjoyable. 

1. Personal Fan & Personal Space Heater

Everyone knows that work productivity goes down when you are either too hot or too cold. Having a fan can be so helpful, whether it is for the summer or even the winter when the office gets blasted with hot air. 


2. Healthy, Energizing Snacks

Office provided snacks usually fall short on being satisfactory so it is always helpful to have a few tucked away in your desk. There are so many great options for snacks but these are our favorites

  1. GoGo Squeez applesauce 
  2. Sargento Balanced Breaks – Cheese & Crackers 
  3. Apples and Carmel

3. Ergonomic Keyboard

Having a sleek keyboard that helps prevent pain and fatigue can help the workday fly by. By not having to focus on pain and fatigue you can get work done much faster and with a lot less stress.

  1. Mini Keyboard KB3 Pro

4. Hand Sanitizer and Hand Lotion

Germs are everywhere and a great way to prevent the spread of them is to eliminate them with a good hand sanitizer. The past couple of years we have all learned that washing hands and using hand sanitizer can make hands very dry and cracked. Dry and cracked hands make working painful so here are recommendations on sanitizer and lotions for your workspace. 

  1. Checklane Hand Sanitizer Gel with Aloe
  2. Vaseline Advance Repair Fragrance Free Hand and Body Lotion

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