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Working on the Go? Make Your Office Portable


Hints to Make Your Office Portable

It used to be that, outside of the small percentage of frequent business travelers, few workers even thought about how portable their office equipment was. It simply stayed safely stowed on your desk, ready for you when you came in the next day.

That’s no longer the case.

With an increasing number of people working part of the week from home or, at least, out of the office, the new reality of packing up work equipment and hauling it around a few times a week has placed an increasing focus on portability and adaptability.

Here are a few helpful hints

Think Compact

Most standard laptop bags are designed to carry laptops. So if you are going to be transporting keyboards, mice or other peripherals around with you, items that are wider than your standard laptop can cause a headache when packing up.

Thinner is also better. The less bulky your items are, the easier they will be to pack and transport.

Consider a mini keyboard like Penclic’s KB3 it order to increase portability. If you do occasionally use a number pad, consider purchasing a portable one rather than a wider keyboard. The two smaller items are easier to pack up than one larger one.

Make Sure You Have Connectors

If you are going to be working in multiple locations, you are going to be dealing with multiple setups. That means ensuring that you always have the right connectors.

  • USB ports: If you are going to be plugging external devices into your computer, make sure you have enough USB ports (or a dongle with enough USB ports) to accommodate everything.
  • Monitors: For those who use a larger monitor than the laptop screen, chances are you are going to be working on multiple different screens. Make sure you have a connector compatible with any of monitors you are going to be using.

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