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Penclic Mouse makes the 2022 Best Mouse Pens List


Penclic Mouse Makes Top Mouse Pens List

Our pen mouse, the Ambidextrous Mouse D3, has been mentioned in the 2022 Best Mouse Pens article from Electronic Hub. We are so glad that the team at the Electronic Hub found our mouse to be a great buy like we do. Some of the reasons the team at Electronic Hub liked our mouse are that the buttons are very tactile, superior design and finish, and the symmetrical design is ideal for both left- and right-handed people. 

Tactile Buttons on the Mouse Pen

The buttons on our pen mouse, the Ambidextrous Mouse D3, were designed with user experience in mind. We did not want the buttons to be hard to find and identify. When working on a new project your mouse should not be the thing that causes frustration. We knew we wanted the pen mouse design to be simple and timeless and we believe that has been achieved. The design team knew that no one wants to be searching for the correct button when they are working on something.

Superior Design and Finish

During the design process of the Ambidextrous Mouse D3, the pen mouse, we knew that the design had to be perfect for all users. We wanted to and succeeded in making the mouse pen a very chic and sleek piece of technology. The metallic and matte finishes on the pen mouse were placed to leave a lasting impression on the user.

Symmetrical Design for Left and Right-Handed People

We all know people that are left-handed and we know that they struggle to find products that are easy to use. This mouse pen was designed to be able to be used to anyone no matter what hand is dominant. This pen mouse is sleek and simple to use – put it on either side of your computer and it will work the way it was designed to. 

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