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The Ambidextrous Computer Mouse


Advantages of an Ambidextrous Computer Mouse

Left-Handed People Exist

If you’re left handed you’ve probably always struggled to find products that work for you. Lefties make up 10% of the population but everyday products are still designed for right-handed people like scissors, computer mice, school desks, and can openers. Where can lefties find a pen mouse for writing?

Nowadays people don’t usually think that left-handed people are sinister or witches but it is still a challenge to find products that are not made with only right-handed people in mind. Many companies will say that their mice are designed for use in either hands however most of the time that is untrue. Usually left-handed people have to buy specific products only for their use however Penclic has an ambidextrous computer mouse that is actually able to be used by both right and left handed people.

The Ambidextrous Mouse: The Solution for Left-Handers

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Our second version of our fountain pen-shaped computer mouse has a symmetrical design so it can be easily used by both left and right-handed users. Compared to a traditionally shaped computer mouse, our mice allow users to be more precise while keeping their hands in a more natural position, preventing pain often associated with prolonged use of a mouse. Because of Penclic’s unique design its mouse is the rare trifecta: It offers the ergonomic advantages of a pen mouse and the productivity of a standard mouse along with being ambidextrous. The mouse named one of the best mouse pens of 2022 by Electronic Hub.

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