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Everything You Need To Know About Mini USB Keyboards


What You Need To Know About Mini USB Keyboards

When you’re looking into purchasing a new keyboard there are many different factors that affect your decision. Do you want a big keyboard or a mini one that is more travel friendly? Your workspace and your lifestyle will determine the best keyboard that works for you. There are hundreds and thousands of options when buying a new keyboard and this will help guide you to know whether our Penclic Mini USB Keyboard is the best option for you! (It probably is) 

To start off, the Mini USB Keyboard comes in black and light gray so you have an option for whatever your workspace aesthetic is. Another one of the fantastic selling points from the Mini USB Keyboard is that it has 3 additional USB ports that help you remain connected with whatever gadgets you may have. Our design team keeps the user experience in the forefront of their minds during the design process. This is evident when looking at the keyboard because in today’s day and age computers are being designed with a whole lot less USB ports. For many people these USB ports are vital to completing projects that are necessary for their work. So if having two color options and having multiple USB ports is on your list of must-have – consider them checked off.  

This Mini USB Keyboard is thinner than what you may imagine. The thickest part of this keyboard is about as thick as the average sized pen. Weighing in at less than a pound this keyboard is incredibly lightweight. If you are on the go a lot then this keyboard is probably the best fit for your lifestyle. You can slip this keyboard and its cord right into a backpack or a handbag with ease. You probably would not even notice it was in there because of how little it weighs.

This keyboard retails for less than $100 USD so it won’t break the budget and it comes with a 2 year limited warranty. We feel fairly confident that this guide has convinced you this is the perfect keyboard for you. If you still are unconvinced, we recommend getting one and letting us prove it to yourself. 

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