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Speed Your Data Entry With A Numpad


Numpads are Perfect for Data Entry

Is data entry part of your job description? Do you spend more time staring at spreadsheets and databases than social media? If so, you probably either already swear by using number pads or could benefit from doing so.

Also known as the 10-key pad, number pads have been used for computer data entry since some of the earliest days of computers. They even come standard on most larger keyboards.

They include at minimum the numbers 0-9 but also often have other keys related to data entry and math, including math symbols (+, -, etc.) and the enter key. The Penclic Number Pad N3 Office also includes tab, backspace, programmable keys and the ability to use the numbers as arrows and for other functions.

Data Entry Advantages

Only use one hand: Unlike the numbers across the top of the keyboard, you can easily enter numbers from a numpad using only one hand. This offers two possible advantages.

It can reduce fatigue that can be brought on by large amounts of data entry. Or, if you need to use a mouse in conjunction with with entering the data (and are comfortable using your non-dominant hand to do it) you can enter the numbers with one hand while controlling the mouse with another.

Speed up entry: Because the keys on a number pad are contained within a small area, your fingers will have to move smaller distances than with a keyboard. The industry standard entry rate for a number pad is more than twice normal typing rate.

This leads to greater efficiency, and that time can add up fast, especially during busy seasons.

Want to learn to type on a number pad? Try this tutorial.

Benefits of a standalone numpad

Many keyboards have a number pad as part of their design, so why purchase a standalone unit? Standalone number pads like Penclic’s N3 offer several advantages.

1. You decide where your number pad will sit, not your office setup

Keyboards with number pads built in tend to be large and are not known for their mobility. The standalone number pads are small and can be placed wherever it is most comfortable for you to place your hand to enter the data

2. Unlike the numpad on keyboards, it is ambidextrous

Most keyboards are built the same way, with the number pad on the far right side. This can be an issue for anyone who wants to enter the data with their left hand.

The number pad, however, can be moved to use with either hand.

Interested in ambidextrous products? Check out our Penclic mouse

3. Sometimes, it is the only option

The fact is, not all keyboards, especially not all laptop keyboards, have the number pads. There are also space advantages to having a narrower keyboard with a separate number pad. It allows for greater versatility in your office set up rather than having one, wide keyboard.

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Check Out Penclic’s Numpads

Along with its pen mouse and keyboards, Penclic also offers top quality, ergonomic number pads. Take a look at one today.

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