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5 Reasons To Use A Numeric Keypad


Why You Should Be Using A Numeric Keypad

Numeric keypads (also called number pad, numpad, or keyboard number keypads) are separate small keyboards used to input numbers and can be incredibly useful. Here are our top reasons you should be using a numeric keypad.

1. Numpads Speed Data Entry

The numbers on a numeric keypad are laid out in a similar fashion to a calculator. The layout makes it faster, easier, and more efficient to enter a lot of numbers, and full-size keys improve speed and accuracy. Numeric keypads are favored by accountants, engineers, students, data specialists, and spreadsheet experts.

In fact, the industry standard typing speed for a numpad is more than twice that with a regular keyboard.

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Number pad N3 Office

2. Numeric Keypads Allow For Better Ergonomics

Numeric keypads can be placed wherever you’d like, meaning you can place the keypad where it’s most comfortable for your wrist and hand. Doing so reduces the stress and strain on your hand and makes repetitive tasks less taxing.

It also frees you up to use a mini keyboard, which promotes ergonomic workspace design.

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3. Numpads’ Size Enhances Portability

Numeric keypads, like Penclic’s Number Pad N3 Office, are palm-size and easily portable. The USB connection is simple and eliminates the need for batteries, which allows the numeric keypad to easily connect to all major operating systems. For left-handed users, the numeric keypad can easily be located on the left side of a keyboard for ease of use.

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4. Number Pads ‘Complete’ Laptop Keyboards

To maintain their portable size, the majority of today’s laptops lack a full keyboard numeric keypad. Instead, laptop users must rely on the alphanumeric keyboard number layout (which is similar to that of a typewriter). Having a separate numeric keypad is more convenient for users.

Numeric keypads are incredibly useful devices and can help make daily work easier for those entering numbers or completing mathematical tasks.

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5. Many Numpads are Programmable to Your Specifications

Do you work in programs with a bunch of quick keys that you’d like to make, well, quicker or easier to use? Does the idea of programming in a repetitive computing job into your computer and then just needing to hit a key every time you need to complete it sound like a big time, and energy, saver?

If you answered yes to either, you want to take advantage of the fact that some numpads, like Penclic’s N3 Office, are programmable. You can set specific keys to implement sets of keystrokes or, in the case of macros, multistep tasks.

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Learn More About Penclic Numeric Keypads

At Penclic, we believe good design means beauty inside and out. Our numeric keypads feature a lightweight, durable ergonomic design perfect for everyday use. Depending on your office situation, the Pros will most likely outweigh the Cons.

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