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The Pros and Cons of a Number Pad


Number Keypad’s Pros and Cons

Some keyboards have a number pad and others do not include one. There are benefits to having one while there are reasons not to get one. In this article we will go over the pros and cons of having a number keypad that is separate from the physical keyboard. 

Pros of Separate Number Pads:

Speeds Data Entry

-If you have a job that requires inputting numbers often having a separate number pad would be very helpful. Having a keypad off to the side can help reduce the amount of mistakes that will happen when clicking numbers than if they are at the top of your keyboard. 

Superior for Lefties

-If you are left-handed then this is a must for you. Even if you don’t have to input a lot of numbers you still probably have to input a few every so often. Having a number keypad off the side of your dominant hand can reduce so much stress that left-handed people go through on a daily basis in a world of products that are made only for right-handed people. 

Pairs Well With Portable Mini Keyboard

-If you do not work from one spot continuously this number pad is great for mobility. One day you might be working in Paris and the other in England so you may want products that are easy to take with you as you go. The same can be said for our Mini Keyboard. Our number keypad pairs fantastically with the Mini Keyboard and they both will fit seamlessly into your bag while on the go. 

Allows for More Desk Space

-You may not have enough space on your desk for a computer that has a keypad included but you still may need a keypad. This movable keypad is your solution. Plug it and use it when you need and store it in a drawer next to your desk when you don’t.

Cons of Separate Number Pads:

Can Be Redundant

-If you have a number pad attached to the side of your keyboard you may find another one not as useful as it could be. 

Adds Another Device

-You may have a very small workspace and every surface you have is already covered in other work materials. 

Requires a USB Hub

-The computer you use may be out of spots for more things to plug into. If you are out of plug space there are some solutions like this 4 port USB hub that allows four more USB plugs rather than the one that it is plugged into. 

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